Orientation In our orientation class we cover the company, administrative staff, policies, procedures and paperwork. We also do a review of each of the services we provide. In addition, we cover best practices, incident reporting and touch on incident prevention.
Article 9 This course is a mandatory requirement by DES/DDD in the state of Arizona to be taken before a provider may start providing DDD authorized services to a client. It includes topics such as prohibited techniques, techniques that require review and approval, a behavior plan, positive teaching strategies, client rights and abuse and neglect. Article 9 must be taken by providers every 3 years.
CPR/First Aid/AED In CPR, First Aid and AED we cover techniques a civilian can use to save a life or prevent a person’s condition from worsening. Topics include basic life support, shock, burns, serious injuries, poison, choking, using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and more. All OLU CPR/First Aid/AED instructors were trained by the National Safety Council. There is a test out option for qualifying providers depending on prior course completion. This is a mandatory requirement for providing DDD authorized services to individuals.
Direct Care Worker Training Presented by ACE Training
The Direct Care Worker Training Level 1 is a mandatory requirement for all new Attendant Care providers in the state of Arizona who started providing services on or after October 1, 2012. We provide two Direct Care Worker courses, Level 1 Fundamentals and Level 2 Developmental Disabilities.
There are test out options for qualifying providers
Level 1 Fundamentals
Topics include legal rights of clients, legal rights for workers, infection control, job management skills and more. Attendees will have to demonstrate skills and pass a written test. All attendant care providers including family members must take this course.
Level 2 Developmental Disabilities
Topics include an overview of different disabilities, incident reporting, daily living skills and more. Attendees will have to demonstrate skills and pass a written test. Family members providing attendant care services are not required to take this course.
Habilitation Training Habilitation Training at One Life Unlimited is an ongoing process. To start, providers are introduced to the fundamentals of habilitation in Orientation class. They will then meet one-on-one with their Direct Supervisor and/or OLU Trainer to review habilitation reporting, teaching strategies, a client’s ISP and the process of pairing with a client. Within the first month of starting habilitation, the OLU Trainer will also come out to observe a provider with his/her client and provide feedback. Additional on-site training between a provider and client will occur after this as needed and at the provider’s or family’s request.
Medication Administration This course covers OLU policies regarding medication administration, what types of medication providers can and cannot administer, law, documentation and more. Providers will be trained on filling out monthly medication administration reports and error reports.
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