Respite Respite is a non-medical service that gives you, the primary caregiver a break. Respite allows you to relax, run errands or spend time with friends and family with the peace of mind knowing that our trained staff will attend to your loved ones needs while you are away. Respite can be provided in your home, within your community, or may also be provided short-term in a certified respite home.
Relax knowing your loved one is in good hands.
Habilitation Habilitation is a one on one service that is designed to provide learning opportunities. It can be used to increase and maintain independence and safety, socialization and community skills. Habilitation goals are created at the clients annual Individual Support Plan (ISP) meeting and vary from client to client. Habilitation can be provided in the client’s home or in the client’s community.
We provide a healthy learning eviroment.
Attendant Care Attendant Care is a one on one service that provides assistance to clients to remain in their own home and participate in community activities. Attaining or maintaining personal cleanliness, activities of daily living, and safe and sanitary living conditions. Assisting with grooming, bathing, dressing, toileting, cleaning laundry, meal prep, eating and assistance with shopping.
We provide the care your loved one needs.
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